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[VID]The Clash - Amsterdam '81 (May 10th, 1981).mp430-Mar-2019 20:25 113M 
[VID]The Clash - James Bond Theme - One More Time (Live 1984).mp430-Mar-2019 20:26 15M 
[VID]The Clash - Live in Manchester (1977).mp430-Mar-2019 20:27 48M 
[VID]The Clash - Overpowered By Funk (New York Remix).mp430-Mar-2019 20:28 14M 
[VID]The Clash - Patriots Of The Wasteland- Live at Glasgow Barrowlands.mp430-Mar-2019 20:30 77M 
[VID]The Clash - The Magnificent Seven (Grooveblaster Remix).mp430-Mar-2019 20:30 11M 
[VID]The Clash - Working In A Coalmine (Dec. 6th 1984).mp430-Mar-2019 20:34 123M 
[VID]The Clash Rarities Part I.mp430-Mar-2019 20:35 31M 
[VID]The Clash Rarities Part II.mp430-Mar-2019 20:36 27M 
[VID]The Clash Rarities Part III.mp430-Mar-2019 20:38 95M 
[VID]The Clash Rarities Part IV.mp430-Mar-2019 20:39 13M 
[VID]The Clash Rarities Part V.mp430-Mar-2019 20:40 38M 
[VID]The Clash Rarities Part VI.mp430-Mar-2019 20:40 14M 
[VID]The Clash Rarities Part VII.mp430-Mar-2019 20:42 48M 
[VID]The Clash Sandinista! Mix MiniDisc & New Order Substance cassette.mp430-Mar-2019 20:43 38M 

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