Sharoma The Clash Fingerpoppin' AOR Mix

Fingerpoppin' AOR Mix

Studio remix of Cut The Crap album track Fingerpoppin'. Released for promotion only on 12 inch vinyl in 1985. Track is credited to J. Strummer / B. Rhodes, produced by Jose Unidos. Engineered and remixed by Jason Corsaro.

Track listing

Side A:

  1. Fingerpoppin' (AOR Mix)

Side B:

  1. (same as side A)


This is an interesting item to have. A 12 inch vinyl. The sleeve is black, and blank apart from a stamped notice. I suspect it was released just prior to Cut The Crap to DJs perhaps. I read on the Clash Newsgroup that it received radio play. It's a very similar mix to Fingerpoppin', but you can notice the difference, the start being most different. The vocals are clearer than on the slightly distorted album version, so it's perhaps a better mix. It features on the CD compilation Radio Brixton, and without the fade in on the Uncut Crap Sampler Disc.


Plays at 33.3rpm. The blank black sleeve has "For Promotion Only. Ownership Reserved By CBS. Sale Is Unlawful" stamped on it. I bought this from Clampdown Records in Manchester.