Sharoma The Clash Give 'Em Enough Dope

Give 'Em Enough Dope

Tracks 1 - 7 recorded live at the Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan on 1st February, 1982. Tracks 8 - 19 were recorded at various places during a tour of the USA in May 1984:

8 - 11: Live at Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA, 30th May, 1984
12 - 15: Live at Oregon University, Eugene, Oregon, USA, 29th May, 1984
16 - 19: Live at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 17th May, 1984

Track listing

  1. Train In Vain
  2. Washington Bullets
  3. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
  4. Career Opportunities
  5. Janie Jones
  6. Clash City Rockers
  7. London's Burning
  8. Are You Ready For War
  9. Complete Control
  10. In The Pouring Rain
  11. Clampdown
  12. Sex Mad War
  13. Janie Jones
  14. Straight To Hell
  15. Brand New Cadillac
  16. Clash City Rockers
  17. Three Card Trick
  18. Safe European Home
  19. White Riot


Ah, one of the all time great Clash bootlegs. It certainly has a clever name and the material to match. The CD itself pictures a scene over some water with a pink sky in the background (see scans). Anyway, onto the material. The first seven tracks are from a fairly poor Clash gig in that the band was sounding a tad dull. The quality is very good, and more or less faultless other than the odd skip in Train In Vain (vinyl source to blame I think). However, the sound is a bit flat and lacks any punch. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe is performed reasonably well though, and this time Topper does manage to get the verses right (unlike on the France 1981 CD). I think it's a shame the band couldn't deliver more, as the audience seem up for it. Joe seems to be trying his best, and it's mostly down to Topper and his weak drumming (he was well into his heroin addiction by this stage), and apparently poor acoustics at the venue. I also wonder if it's Topper that Joe is speaking to when he says "Come on you bastard!" at the end of Janie Jones, and then "Stay with us, stay with us, keep going" at the start of London's Burning. (The Yellow Riot CD has 12 other songs from this same gig.)

The rest of the CD is taken from various gigs in May 1984. The Clash lineup at this time was Joe Strummer, Paul Simonon, Vince White, Nick Sheppard and Pete Howard. And don't anyone say they were rubbish, because if you listen to these performances you'll realise you were mistaken. Aside from the excellent mixed soundboard quality of these tracks, the songs are full of energy and are performed with precision and professionalism. The differed lineup handles old classics brilliantly, and the new songs are great. Are You Ready For War is an excellent guitar heavy rendition of this classic. It blows the Cut The Crap version out of the water. Listen out for the guitar in the opening part. Great stuff. It's excellent. In The Pouring Rain is one of my favourite songs. It's so moving, and it's criminal that this Clash lineup gets slated at all when this is what they did on stage. This song will amaze you. It's got to be the most underrated song out there. Make sure you get hold of this bootleg just for this. (A demo version from Joe Strummer's solo material can be found on Rocker Station.) Three Card Trick is also a very rocking number. The new songs featured on this CD are all excellent, and very different to the ones on the Cut The Crap album.

Sex Mad War reveals a strongly anti-pornography Joe Strummer dedicating the song to "the ladies in the house". He then goes on to say "pornography is rape...". The song is great, and differs to the official Sex Mad Roar quite considerably, musically and lyrically.

A favourite moment of mine is when Joe addresses the audience in White Riot - "If this is the windy city, where's the fucking wind?". Funny stuff, and a perfect end to a great CD with the guys blasting out White Riot in true Clash form. Well recommended.

Rated: 9 / 10


The 1984 tracks are actually mastered from three different EPs that were put out in 1990 (apparently Nick Sheppard was involved in their release):- R-B Showdown (also released as Washington Bullets), Hitsville U.S.A., and Chicago Shakedown.