Sharoma The Clash Golden Bullets

Golden Bullets

Track listing

Side A:

  1. White Riot
  2. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
  3. Tommy Gun
  4. Louie Louie
  5. King Of The Road
  6. English Civil War
  7. Hate & War
  8. Israelites

Side B:

  1. Dirty Harry
  2. Overpowered By Funk
  3. The Further Adventures Of Futura 2000
  4. Heartbreak Hotel
  5. Blonde Rock And Roll

The back cover to the sleeve has details on each song, so I'll quote from it:

White Riot

Taken from the soundtrack to the film "The Clash" by Julian Temple, recorded in Dunstable, March, 1977.

(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

The Original version with alternate lyrics recorded at Marquee Studios, London, March, 1978.

Tommy Gun

The unbroadcast first take recorded for the 'Something Else' BBC TV Show in March, 1978.

Louie Louie

Recorded during the '16 Tons Tour' rehearsals in London, January, 1980, this was performed with Pete Townsend as the encore in Brighton.

King Of The Road

During the aforementioned rehearsals Mick takes a cigarette break whilst Joe, Paul and Topper knock out this old classic.

English Civil War

The first of three songs recorded at Tyne Tees TV Studios in April, 1979 for the 'Alright Now' Show.

Hate & War

Mick takes up vocal duties for the second song of the show.


Third and final song is a romp through the old reggae classic with Den Hagarty of 'The Darts' on backing vocals.

Dirty Harry

The original version of 'Magnificent Seven' taken from the early days of the Sandinista! sessions, New York, 1980, mixed by Mick.

Overpowered By Funk

The extended New York Remix by Mick Jones. Initial copies of 'Combat Rock' album were due a bonus 12" EP of remixes of which this was part.

The Further Adventures Of Futura 2000

The original demo version recorded at Ear Studios, London during September, 1981 and mixed by Mick Jones at the controls.

Heartbreak Hotel

Taken from the film soundtrack to 'Grutzi Elvis' and recorded at Vanilla Studios during the 'London Calling' demo sessions in spring 1979.

Blonde Rock And Roll

An unfinished song recorded during the Sandinista! album sessions and features Ellen Foley on backing vocals.


This is an excellent album. I got this record brand new from John at Vinyl On The Net, and it has some great and new material on it, almost all of which I've never heard before and some never even knew existed.

The quality on every song is excellent, no problems there, and for the studio tracks they are up to the standard as though they are official releases. Highlights of the album include the blistering White Riot from the April '77 video shoot (the sleeve wrongly lists it as March) which is a truly excellent version, full of energy, the original version of (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais, which has different lyrics in parts (this is also the same version that appeared on the 'Rock Against Racism' compilation LP), a much better sounding and excellent version of Tommy Gun from the Something Else TV show (much better than the rough version on the Death Or Glory LP), and possibly two of the funkiest tracks the band ever did: Dirty Harry and Overpowered By Funk (New York Remix).

Dirty Harry kicks off side 2 and is very similar to 'The Magnificent Dance' that appears on Super Black Market Clash (and was the b-side to the Mag 7 single), but it is different slightly and has some Clint Eastwood voice samples which add a lot to the song - they get you even more into it. Very enjoyable, along with the next track. As far as I know there are now three mixes of Overpowered By Funk. The album version, an instrumental only mix (which also rocks, and can be found on the Clash On Broadway Outtakes disc) and this one, which is a long extended blast and possibly Mick Jones mixing at his best. This song is superb, and instantly one of my favourites and is officially unreleased (which in my opinion is criminal). It's a shame that bonus EP mentioned was never to be. I wonder what other material would have found its way onto it. Dirty Harry and Overpowered By Funk are excellent tracks. You shouldn't be without this album.

Also of note on this superb album is an early demo version of the Futura song (which would become a single in 1983 entitled 'The Escapades Of Futura 2000', with the music credited to The Clash), the Blonde Rock And Roll song with Mick's girlfriend at the time sounding like Debbie Harry, and Israelites, which is quite a rarity, though it's a cut version here that lasts just 1 minute 25 seconds. My only 'gripes' with the album is the very start to Dirty Harry has about half a second missing, if that, so Joe's voice is cut off in the first word. Also, the sound on that track improves a little into the song to a better standard than when it starts, though it's excellent throughout anyway. The quality on the TV tracks is also a bit worse than the others (but still fine) and Heartbreak Hotel is similar. The vocals on White Riot seem a bit distant and faint (and a bit in White Man... as well) and there is a 'heartbeat' sound noticeable in between some of the tracks (and for a while in White Man...), but these are very minor points, and this remains an excellent album.

Well recommended. If you see this, buy it!

Rated: 9 / 10


The vinyl itself has centre labels with the song details and record title on them, very professional, and the sleeve artwork is also impressive. A few pictures of the band, all the track details with no errors and it even says "Made in the EEC" at the bottom ;-) A superb record, and the most professional bootleg release I know of. Louie Louie, King Of The Road and Blonde Rock And Roll are also on Clash On Broadway Outtakes, and there also exists a mini Dirty Harry CD.