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Welcome to the site. Here you will find information, artwork and reviews on my collection of Clash bootlegs and rare recordings. From 2000 until 2010 I was a trader: I swapped rare music for rare music, mostly on CD but often on MiniDisc, cassette tape or vinyl. I am no longer a trader; In July 2012 I launched the clumsily-titled USB Sticks Project, through which I shared and distributed my Clash rarities for three years. In 2015 this was replaced by the torrents.


All of the content listed on this site is available in FLAC format in two torrent files:


Feel free to browse these Clash videos.

Online Opportunities

Since around 2001 The Clash online community has been served by Satch's forums. This is the place to talk with other Clash fans about anything and everything. You can also find many people also after rare material so it's probably the best place to set up a trade. Visit it at:

If you want to talk somewhere a little more intimate, try Sharoma's very own Music Forum.

Also, check out The Clash Blog: the only blog that matters!

A semi-serious article I wrote in 2001 comparing The Damned and The Clash.


If you would like to contact me, feel free: