Sharoma The Clash This Is Dub Clash

This Is Dub Clash

Compilation CD of official studio dub tracks. All but tracks 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14 are available on Clash albums.

Track listing

  1. The Magnificent Dance
  2. Justice Tonight / Kick It Over
  3. Robber Dub
  4. Living In Fame
  5. Silicone On Sapphire
  6. The Cool Out
  7. One More Dub
  8. The Escapades Of Futura Dub
  9. Version Pardner
  10. Outside Broadcast / Radio 5
  11. Mustapha Dance
  12. Mensforth Dub
  13. Return To Brixton
  14. Radio One (Reprise)


A great collection of dub material from The Clash, who explored this genre very deeply from 1980 onwards with Mikey Dread, who as Bill Price put it, added "Genuine Jamaican dub" to the Clash's music. This CD collects material from Sandinista! and Super Black Market Clash along with a few songs no longer in print. The songs are all remixes (apart from track 14) of other songs that you will be familiar with, but in case you don't know which songs they are remixes of, here's the list:

  1. The Magnificent Dance - The Magnificent Seven
  2. Justice Tonight / Kick It Over - Armagideon Time
  3. Robber Dub - Bankrobber
  4. Living In Fame - If Music Could Talk
  5. Silicone On Sapphire - Washington Bullets
  6. The Cool Out - The Call Up
  7. One More Dub - One More Time
  8. The Escapades Of Futura Dub - The Escapades Of Futura 2000
  9. Version Pardner - Junco Partner
  10. Outside Broadcast / Radio 5 - This Is Radio Clash
  11. Mustapha Dance - Rock The Casbah
  12. Mensforth Dub - Something About England
  13. Return To Brixton - The Guns Of Brixton

Radio One (Reprise) is a short playing of the Mikey Dread b-side. The full version can be found on Rocker Station. The Escapades Of Futura 2000 (which The Escapades Of Futura Dub is based on) can also be found on Rocker Station, along with a demo version of the song.

Mensforth Dub is very similar to Mensforth Hill which is found on Sandinista!. Both are remixes of Something About England, and seem to be some of that song played backwards. Mensforth Dub is not available anywhere else (officially or unofficially) that I know of.

Two more versions of Return To Brixton also exist - the Extended Mix and the SW2 Dub. Both of these, along with Return To Brixton, can be found on Radio Brixton.

A great CD that collects together the best of the band's musical exploration into dub, along with some interesting rarities. I do think the versions of Bankrobber - Robber Dub and Justice Tonight / Kick It Over from Black Market Clash would have been better though.

Rated: 9 / 10


Comes with very professional artwork, even on the CD itself. Fake background vinyl 'crackle and hiss' (I assume) was an intentional production effect.