Sharoma Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

Such a disappointment! A rushed, poorly executed mess of a game with the most disappointing single player campaign a driving game ever had! Why doesn't every track have a high paying Group 3 event? Why are we always chasing stupid AI from the back of the grid? Why are there no real championships? It is quite an achievement that this game was barely better than Sport.

Single Player Content

The game's offline content is extremely disappointing. Every event is lifeless and contrived, offering little challenge or interest. The talking heads are a dated and rather pathetic attempt to instill some humanity in what has always been a cold, sterile franchise. When I played the very first game back in 1998, it struck me that because it was cars and not drivers that were listed in the race entries, the 'human' aspect was not an important part of the game. After all, the car's windows were always blacked out and no people were ever identified. This is partly why I always felt like the Gran Turismo series was 'missing' something compared to F1 games, Road Rash etc, where real life characters and teams definitely added to the drama when playing. GT: Sport, 20 years on, hadn't changed at all. Yes, you could see helmeted figures behind the wheel now, but they didn't drive like real humans and all their names were (less than) charming fakes. Lacking even offline content at launch, Sport appeared to be pushing online competition as an admission that there is no soul in GT's offline campaigns. The new game, 7, is basically Sport with the GT League tweaked. Although it was pointless and lifeless, I actually enjoyed the stark simplicity of Sport's GT League events, which grew with each update and which I merely considered a primitive training mode for the Sport mode. 7 has launched with even fewer events. You don't even see a total for how many of these offline races you have won. Sure, leagues are back, but they are very poor. Just a few races strung together. No qualifying. You always start at the back, the leaders already half way through the first lap. It's the same 'chase the rabbit' with poor AI we are used to. A great disappointment. The Missions are just tedious. Ultimately, I think just evolving Sport would have been wiser, as 7 is a mess that doesn't know what it is. I love Sport, and I just wanted it to be cross-platformed and updated for PS5. Yes, driver and sportsmanship ratings were carried over, but nothing else was. These can easily be achieved again anyway. If you play mostly in Sport mode, as I do, then 7 just feels like GT: Sport with a rushed offline campaign tacked on.


Sadly, the new Sophy hasn't been implemented. Even on the hardest of the three difficulties, the AI is just as stupid as it was in Sport (which was very stupid indeed) and does not behave like a human driver. On the easiest difficulty, they will still deliberately spin you by fishtailing your car. They also show zero awareness and often seem to be stuck to the racing line. When lapping them they are even more stupid and will swerve to block you. The most idiotic AI so far is 'Fraga'. On the hardest difficulty, they still aren't much of a real challenge.

Pop up and slowdown

Hopefully this will be rectified in a future update. On Daytona Road Course and Trial Mountain, the PS5 has frame drop! This didn't happen with Sport on PS4 Pro. And there is still popup occasionally, even on PS5.

No damage model! Still!

Completely expected of course. But really, isn't it one way in which this franchise is glaringly unrealstic?

Sport content?

Despite promises to the contrary, none of the liveries I created in Sport mode were carried over to 7. I also had to buy many of the exact same cars all over again. I would've liked to keep my garage and mileage intact as this is basically the same game.

Pit lane

Why is there a half minute wait when you enter the pitlane? Why do we never see the whole show? Wet tires are rendered as slicks. Why can't they refuel while changing the wheels?

Menu clicking!

So much navigating around because they can't come up with an efficient interface or perhaps a magical 'go home' button.


The Sport mode trophies, easily the most difficult in Sport, are now just "drive with other people online" - fine, except that offline driving counts.


When you sort your cars by distance driven, the used cars show up first because they have high mileage, even if you've never driven them. This isn't player driven mileage though so how about adding that one too? Otherwise you won't know for sure which car you have driven the most.

Minor niggles

The game feels rushed. There have been a huge number of minor bugs and mistakes, such as typos in the text or one which bugs me: in-game notifications can be turned off, but the option resets when you restart the game (this took until the June update to fix). Of course, the penalty system in Sport mode is still very much flawed, but that's another topic. The cockpit view is also flawed. The driver rarely takes his hand away from the gear lever, even on a paddleshift car. The roulette is rigged - you will usually get the worst option.


As of the June update, my Sport mode stats have been trashed. I used to have a number of pole positions and now it says 'zero'. Thanks a lot Polyphony.


Sport took me over a year to achieve 'Platinum', with Senna's pole number being the final trophy I earned. Thankfully 7 wasn't as difficult. I started the game on release day (March 4th 2022) and on June 3rd (after a week or two away) I achieved the final trophy which for me was getting Gold on all the licence tests. Considering it is supposed to be a much bigger game, I found the trophy challenge on GT7 rather pedestrian and much easier than Sport, though of course the skills I learned mastering Sport counted a lot.

Last updated: June 26th, 2022.