Sharoma is a website of music, gaming and writing. It was launched in 1999 by Robin Sharrock. From 2000 to 2012, we traded in rare music, mostly on CD. From 2012 to 2016 USB & FLAC was the format of choice. As of 2021, we are once again offering this service, with an anolog twist: only on cassette tapes.

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Remain in Light Downmix

Talking Heads 5.1 Downmixes

2007: The Talking Heads 5.1 Downmixes, a new way of listening. Their origins and their influence. Note: The YouTube videos were all deleted in early 2019 out of respect for copyright law. If you remember them, thanks for your support!

The Downmixes (made using MiniDisc!) were mentioned and linked by Pitchfork in 2016.

World of Warships: Legends

World of Warships: Legends

2021: My current gaming project on PS4 Pro. Strategy, tactics, action and naval history all rolled into one. What's not to love!?

Cassette Tape

Cassette Tape Trades

2021: Send me a blank (new or used) and I'll return it with content. All you pay is postage. Alternatively, send me two blanks, and I'll send one back with content and pay for postage too.

D-503: M0ar Music

M0ar Music

2010: Ambient automated dreamscape inspired by The Pearl. A demonstration album by D-503.

R-13: The Collapsing State Of Affairs

The Collapsing State Of Affairs

2011: One of the first Vaporwave albums! The Collapsing State Of Affairs, an experimental album by R-13.

Thompson Twins Discography

Thompson Twins Discography

2001: All about the Thompson Twins, the post-punk and later synthpop musical act.

The Clash - Bootlegs & Rarities

The Clash - Bootlegs & Rarities

2000: A collection of rare recordings and files from The Clash, the punk band of renown I was into once.


Loudness War

2006: A well mastered moan on the Loudness War, a malpractice of the digital age.

OOPS: Out Of Phase Stereo

OOPS: Out Of Phase Stereo

2009: An experiment in speaker wiring and placement, or the poor man's surround sound system?



1999: All about Frontier: Elite 2, the computer space simulation game of 1993. [française]

Frontierverse was featured in print in July 2000.

MiniDisc: Hacks, Reviews & Tips

MiniDisc: Hacks, Reviews & Tips

2001: The Sony MiniDisc, a curious audio format of the early digital age.

Grand Prix 2

Grand Prix 2

2012: Neurofeedback therapy or time-killing? Championship seasons of Grand Prix 2, the notable motor racing simulation.

Gran Turismo: Sport

Gran Turismo: Sport

2019: Moving on from GP2, I am now an avid player of Gran Turismo: Sport!

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations

2004: Extended Campaigns from Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots, a supreme real-time-strategy game.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

C&C: Red Alert

2002: The original obsession. A guide to Red Alert, the classic '90s RTS game.

Left-hand-drive roundabout


2009: How to correctly use a roundabout, or traffic circle. Help keep the traffic flowing!

Snack Musings

Snack Musings

2009: From Ribena to fig rolls, I take it upon myself to offer opinions on questionable food.

John Shuttleworth: Pop Messiah

John Shuttleworth

2009: A small slice of appreciation for John Shuttleworth, versatile singer-songwriter.

Infantryman: Sohocan Rising


2010: A collection of military science fiction novellas, published from 2010.


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