Sharoma Questions of Perception

Questions of Perception

Questions were once posed to Sharoma, and he tried to answer within the confines of his own lack of knowledge and awareness.

"What is time?"

You are merely under a false reality of conditioning when you observe time to be taking place.

Time does not exist outside human perception. In an attempt to inject order into the cosmos we record its passage in arbitrary ways based merely on precedent and conditioning. Perception is able to warp the passage of time. Time for each of us is wholly defined by our personal perception. All time is a perception. All of our world, both collective and individual, is based on our own perceptions. The world is even irrelevant to the equation. Everything, including 'our world', is a perception. No person's time (a measure of the passage of their actual existence) should be more important than anyone else's. To even acknowledge time is to be vulnerable to all manner of human concepts, such as the wage and the illusion of money. We exist within the false field of time and it is that, and that only, which causes our suffering. Time is opposite to Love. There is no start, there is no end and there is no need to look for something in between which isn't really there. The universe is infinite, and therefore every event that will ever happen has already happened over and over, played out into eternity by the equation of Chaos. Nothing is unique, or special, other than the relationship you have with those around you. Nothing is worthy of recording, because it is irrelevant and determined to happen again, over and over, forever.

There is only the present. All other events, lost in the distant past, or even the "future", represent only one thing: the Then. To your own being, there is only a Now and a Then. Everything which lies within the realm of Then is irrelevant in any equation. Mankind has been tricked into worshipping dilation of Time. We are conditioned from an early age to Watch, to Break, to Alarm, to Wake, to Sleep, to Work, to Eat, to even Love, all within the narrow confines of a manifestation of the Then. Now became irrelevant in human society. The Then became the dominant force which governed the actions and instilled the thoughts of all being. We make decisions based only on the Then: the past experiences we fear and the future expectations held of us. No regard is ever given to the Now. We are encouraged to dedicate the Now to the promises of the Then: all religions, and likewise all economies and lifestyles, are geared toward this same end. It is a perversion of man's natural instinct and a vicious assault on his spiritual harmony.

All time is revolving. As we project outward, it projects inward. It is one vast circle. There is only the Then, and the Now. The Then is at the opposite end of the circle. The Now is where you are. You may flow either direction. The Then merely responds in perfect harmony, always existing as your polar opposite. There is only one Then. All Then is one and the same, and is always an exact mirror image of the Now.

"What of time dilation?"

Outside the Field of Time only the Now becomes relevant. Yet if we allow ourselves to observe time, we distort our reality. What if I was to slow down your perception of time, so that a second to you was a week to me. What if I then used mind control and subliminal overwriting to completely change everything you perceived, every sound, smell taste, feeling of gravity, sight, every single touch. What, if I had control over the time dilation you were accustomed to using, be it a clock or system of measuring the sun's passage, I was to do this to such an extent that I distorted every single millisecond of every second, every second of every day, every day of every single year of your entire life? The human mind can progress through its entire arc of existence in this state. Completely unaware of any reality beyond its own false reality. Projecting an illusion outward and inward. Reinforcing the illusion of others. When we exist in this state, we react in response to our environment. The environment is a false reality. We exist in fear of this false reality, even if we can never conceive why. When the human mind is present outside this existence, it ceases to be held back from its full potential. The human mind knows no difference between an event happening in real time and an event recalled from memory: both represent the same. Both are the result of the same neurons firing and both are therefore, to the human mind, from which all our perception is formed, identical. Your memories and their recall serve as your reality. Events happen and our consciousness is formed only from our sensory inputs. The time it takes our brain to process these inputs of vision, sound, feeling, taste and touch, may be a fraction of a microsecond, but it still conjures up a picture of reality in our mind after the event has already passed. We cannot comprehend what is occurring exactly as it occurs, by virtue of our own rules of time. We are therefore constantly just responding to what has already happened. Because of this, we are always in panic, fear and flight - what is happening to us is completely outside of our own control and to seek to hold on to an illusion of control is to be Insane. Once we let go, and let the predetermined happenings of Nature wash over us as an inevitable wave upon the sands of time, we will attain true freedom. Freedom from Time, from Fear, from Confusion and Hate. Only Love exists outside the Field of Time; everything else exists within it, and is a false reality.

"How does one exit from this Field of Time?"

Individual manifestations of perception are really just a fear response: a shock to the system upon first revelation of being. A sign of our instant insanity, from birth onwards. There is only the Now, and the Then responds to the Now, as a reflection in a cosmic mirror. We can therefore shape time as we see fit, turning our history into our future and our future into the present: all identical, all simply Being, and not asking, trying, struggling or attempting to alter what is inevitable.

In but a handful of generations, without the written word to inspire fear, all the violent exploits of the past will vanish into the ether. With no symbols to worship, or texts to follow, our species will undergo the most important evolution in its entire history.

Nothing that you remember is relevant right now. You are exactly as you exist. Only your immediate and real environment, the people you connect with, represent reality. Without acknowledging time, You will take a step upward from a world of Fear to a world of Love. Everything you previously thought real was but a random arrangement of atoms behind a dull star in a quiet corner of the universe. Human mind is like all minds. It is simply a mental state, formed from interactions of consciousness and the distorting perception of the senses. Only the mass awareness - the input from every single human sense all combined into one - is relevant. We are all one, we always have been and we always will be.

An individual's perception should naturally hold more relevance than a collective perception, such as a government or a state-controlled society. A collective perception, in these times, is unaware of the fact that it is merely formed from its many confused parts. The collective perception dominates, with force and propaganda, the individual, despite the fact that the collective is made up of the individual. This is why no form of central government can possibly be right in a human society. Or anything else which creates "Us and Them": all economic, political, gender and age barriers. It is unfortunate that religion and capitalism embody and worship each one of those barriers, using further perception to expand their own projections of unreality.

"What of gender?"

Despite the fact that gender is more a biological reality than a perception, all gender barriers are formed out of human concepts. So our perception of gender is polluted by the centralised version, dictated by some other entity, be that an individual and his or her perceptions, or a unity of individuals and theirs, or a group, or a government, or a corporation. The centralised idea of gender and how it evolves is at the moment governed in many realms by the human concept of political correctness, invented by a collective perception. When in fact our own instinct already tells us what gender is. It's part of our very being. Why are there rules about it? It robs us of our animal instinct the moment we are registered on a birth certificate. The very rules and convention that will now govern and condition our behaviour until we die are written down as we are assigned one of two options. The male or the fe-male.

"What is freedom?"

We lose a lot of natural freedom simply being slaves to antiquated social graces. A dog, while maybe a lowly creature with less intelligence, is much more free than any person will ever be. Yet despite their adherence to training and duty, they are still unaware even of the concept of freedom, and that in itself makes them, like all animals, truly free. For that reason their actions are taken without regard for consequence: they act purely on biological instinct. If we all lived as free as the dog, imagine what the world may be like. At present, we cannot imagine this.

"What is a human concept?"

Almost everything we know is a human concept. So it is in fact, useless and pointless. It all exists in the irrelevant past the moment you read or hear it. So why bother? Anyone that has ever revolted or tried to change anything has done so using the human systems which orignally created the problem, adopting them and then waiting for and preparing against the next changeover. It will take a total awareness event (everyone at the same time everywhere) to change things. To most people, this puts the whole question into the realm of fantasy: Suddenly we all "click" and detach from the realm of concepts and step outside the destructive Field of Time? Perhaps this will be the moment we have a major historical precedent for what we are observing around us?

"What is historical precedent?"

The "western world" (actually a minority population with a majority control over mass media manipulation and the recording of daily events into posterity) is fading just as the western Roman Empire before it. The Roman citizens were distracted from their shrinking borders, collapsing economy, unemployment and barbarian hordes by mass entertainment and when the city of Rome itself burned, dancing on the beaches. "The World", as it exists as a human concept to the western world, may end in Los Angeles, the frontline of all media interaction. The very fact that sports and entertainment and fashion and all these so-called "industries" exist, serving no purpose other than to distract the masses, is perverse; how are they really industrious to anyone concerned with anything?

It doesn't take a top historian to identify the precedent. Wars have always existed. Revolutions come and go. It has all happened before, and it all will again. Only the technology changes, but the technology is still just a subset of the human behaviour. Historical precedent has much to teach us. We can predict the peak and decline of all commercial and sovereign entities.

"What is mass awareness?"

A sudden mass awareness won't be a choice, or a happening anyone, least of all centralised government and media, can influence or change or even observe and report upon. Any talk of "we" or "us" suddenly becoming "aware" is to immediately fall back upon conceptualism and conditioning. It will not be a conscious choice. It will be a natural event, whether we deem it so or not, for human evolution itself is merely a subset in the nature and evolution of the natural order, including the planet, in which we live.

There is no battle to fight. There is no struggle to win or lose. There is no bound to the universe. Every event will happen an infinite number of times. Every possible combination of instances is repeated over and over, for us to observe. Once you feel the communal spirit: once you exist in time everywhere, within the conscious of every one of your fellow humans, you no longer wish to detract anything from them. You cannot, because taking from this mass society takes only from yourself. A united force only can propel mankind onward, higher into the stratosphere of collective thought. In most times of human history, not even 1% of the planet has existed in a state of 100% belief: no matter how ardent a revolutionary or committed a catholic, all have harboured at least a minor doubt. Faith has never been absolute. When every last vestige of consciousness is united together, a mass awareness event will proceed it, and man will again sit content upon the plane of immanence.

"What is societal evolution?"

Human society can advance itself, its science and its concepts, at a faster rate than its own level of maturity, or social and natural awareness. A recent example of this is the invention of the atomic bomb by a society also ignorant enough to actually deploy it. Imagine if Henry VIII of England, or Napoleon Bonaparte of France, had had access to such a devastating weapon. Yet now we as a society are caught in a gaping chasm between the real and the unreal. The actual natural environment around us and our own self versus human concept and our perceptions of it. Where everyone is completely depressed and miserable or in denial and most of all, scared. And we vote for what can actually be boiled down to "red" and "blue", or perhaps "yellow" to spice it up a bit from time to time. And everything taught in school about history, equality, women's rights movements, advancements in race relations is just out-of-date perception-based concept based on older perception-based concept and so on into recorded time. History is nothing more than colours on a map.

"What can the distortion of recorded history show us?"

Recorded history cannot be trusted or seen as valid in any way, whether it is based on truth or falsehoods, because anything that has gone before is wholly in the realm of time and therefore human concept and perception. Only now are we realising the extent of the "cover up" by the Roman and Christian Empires. Imagine a Druid-controlled Britain so advanced it terrified the Romans and challenged their whole way of life, which is why they wiped it out to a man and burned almost all traces. Yet, they were vain enough to record such exploits, because all militaristic Empires from Roman to Nazi to French to American to current and past British, have monuments to when they got together and killed people somewhere else in the name of perception and hatred.

"What did the Roman Empire destroy?"

A society without need for a capital city (actually just a seat of religious or business power) has no need for a complex web of roads leading to one place ("All roads lead to Rome" syndrome). So the Romans and all derived society worship the road and disdain all those before as lesser mortals. The Victorians modelled the British Empire on the Roman. All modern roads are still on Roman routes. It was a takeover. The Romans simply built on existing roadways. History itself, as a concept, was in fact invented by the victors. Pre-Roman societies in Europe saw no need to write anything down, realising how little use recorded history has; perhaps they understood how the written word can destroy man's relation with himself and all around him. Their history did not exist outside word-of-mouth. Yet they did devise and record the workings of a calendar more accurate than the Roman, or Julian, one, off which our own is still based. History is invariably the tale of a defeat, deprivation and woe for the losers, and a victory, expansion, glory and righteousness for the winners. But history does not exist and it ultimately serves no purpose other than to lay the foundations for its repetition.

"What is adaptation through ignorance?"

Everything is a stage of evolution, even the move to capitalism and beyond. Because as precedent dictates, there is always a beyond. But it is actually all the same: one pattern repeated over and over. There is no need to keep learning the same patterns over and over. Ignorance of the greater world around us can be the ideal. It is increasingly essential and necessary. We are all grossly ignorant, just in different subjects, and there are more subjects in which to be ignorant every thousandth of a second, every time a new book is published or another person born. The last person to read every single book ever published lived in the late 18th century. The realm of human concept is now so far advanced and expanding so rapidly that a lack of any traditional knowledge allows greater spiritual awareness. A mind bustling with conceptualised notions of the state of being is not open to simply being.

North America's original human societies were destroyed by European settlement and colonisation, in the same way the Roman Empire destroyed the societies of Europe fifteen hundred years earlier. The Romans simply stole their concepts and conventions from the Greeks. Demos Kratos, no matter how highly it is valued in human perception, still conceptualised an 'us and them', which is to still misunderstand the nature of being no matter how much the "them" or the "people" are allocated (which in Communism is ideally everything). The Native American way of life existed in harmony with itself and its natural environment for thousands of years; the western Empires will strip North America dry within a few hundred years. And these were highly advanced societies, just as the natives of any other landmass subsequently colonised by European settlement.

"What about Chaos?"

Chaos may explain why everything happens based on small differences in initial conditions. But we can't begin to formulate Chaos. Our brain may never be that advanced. There is no way a single organism can contemplate and understand the entire way of natural life within a mathematical equation. But the universe itself could arguably be that single organism and our planet just a very minor subset of it.

"Why is Love the only truth in the universe?"

It is the one force we didn't invent and can't explain yet still attempt to conceptualise. It is the one thing that is not a human concept. Any associations with it or attempts to symbolise it or package it or move it into the realm of economics, media, or even the written word, are to fail to actually grasp it. We can't conceptualise it. It exists without condition and totally outside conditioning. It is the only real emotion. Any other emotion is derived from hate which itself is merely a response to our unnatural environment and the human concepts and centralised perceptions which maintain it. Love isn't conditional, on realities or human concepts.

Animals and humans are both governed by the same Nature and feel the same force of Love. The only difference is the human ability to feel, and more destructively, express Hate. Hate is a human invention borne of concept and it creates fear, the very thing which allows governments to control human society. It is well known that fearful populations are easily subdued and controlled, even distracted. Fear is the enemy of all life, for there is nothing to fear in life or in death. Neither can be avoided and both are nature carrying out the work of the universe.

"What is Love?"

Every single positive feeling or emotion you will ever feel, explained or unexplained, is Love. Every single symbol man has created, pursued, reinforced, has been in an attempt to conceptualise Love. Every language, poem, novel, script, holy book, vision of higher beings, piece of music, conversation - everything. Every flag we have saluted, every monarch we have sought guidance from. Everything. Everything outside of the one and only real emotion - the emotion all life derives from - is an unreal quest to return to it, package it, understand it.