Sharoma Why I Love John Shuttleworth

Why I Love John Shuttleworth

John Shuttleworth is an ideal man. Through his own seemingly complex but actually very simple methods he epitomises how the 21st century societal male should be behaving, if we are to survive the impending resource crises and social upheaval.

John Shuttleworth is a family man. He is always respectful to his downright rude and somewhat cold wife. He is intensely proud of his children, in equal amounts, regardless of their mediocre achievements. He recycles whenever he can, admirably and diligently striving to make the world a better place. He conserves equipment, tries wholeheartedly to repair instead of replace, and when that fails he sources out an economical cheaper alternative. He is kind to all he meets, judging no one by age, race or appearance. He is proud of where he comes from, but always respectful of other cultures. He does not judge others with anything but honesty and care. He likewise doesn't judge himself for the results of his efforts, but instead by the effort of his results.

John Shuttleworth will walk whenever he can. He doesn't replace his vehicle regardless of how antiquated and joke-worthy it may be. He takes pride in his car, like he takes pride in everything he owns, treating it with care and respect and extracting more life from it. He conserves resources, turning off lights and doing all he can to educate himself where others don't. He is conscious of crime and social issues, but refuses to be pushed aside in wave after wave of changing trends.

John Shuttleworth respects the elderly, his neighbours and his professional peers. He doesn't bear grudges, no matter how minor. He doesn't resent his lot in life or dwell on past ill-fortune. He views the past, no matter how insignificant or bland, with warm regard, recalling in his pleasant anecdotal style former experiences fondly.

John Shuttleworth will welcome strangers, always be frank and never deceive. He is a kind, warm-hearted, conscientious and trustworthy man. John Shuttleworth understands that, in life, in dish soap, in biscuits, in anything: less is more.


2017 Update

On the 20th anniversary of series 3 of The Shuttleworths, I thought I would share some observations. In the initial run, a joke about Ken's girlfriend and him hiring a skip through her was present and later cut. In the final episode of the series, a joke between Mr. Woodcock and Ken regarding Prince Naseem was edited out. I recall a Murrary Mint joke from episode 2 may also have been cut ("Ooff! Crunched into that far too soon...")