Sharoma State of the Nations

State of the Nations

Detached from Natural Instinct

The unending suffering and misery of the many millions of men and women today dwelling upon the planet Earth is mostly irrelevant to the history makers. It is a curious habit of these times to pervert language to disguise what is really occurring. I live in a free society that is neither free nor a society, where freedom of speech is limited by laws governing its expression, where natural selection is distorted by the many complicated layers of dependence inflicted upon the people by the state, where centralised administration rules with an iron fist over the entire planet, where arcane laws of land ownership make tenants of every person. In my country of birth as well as the country I chose to settle in, the common man can never hope to be Head of State, for this position is reserved, and has been for many hundreds of years, for the wealthy and noble of birth, who crouch in their shelters at the first sign of danger, hoping to preserve their regime once it has passed. Mere comprehension of my surroundings and the failings of present human civilisation causes me to slip into a paroxysm of anger, guilt, sorrow and most of all, sadness. For what I observe all around me is insanity, and a complete ignorance of the true state of affairs and how as human beings our natural instinct is robbed from us at birth, never to be returned.

Everyone has their price
And you too will learn to live the lie

The disease of self-seeking individuality

In the so-called modern society, as it stands on the dawn of the 21st century, no man is free. Upon birth he is branded by whatever collection of individuals and interests are in power at that particular time. He is bound by laws he will never fully understand, unless he diverts all his energies into their study. These laws grow more complex and numerous with every passing year, and are generally thought to bring man together in harmony. They are in place to achieve the opposite effect, that of separation. All laws are essentially for the protection of private property and interests, which are concepts completely at odds with the wellbeing of the human species. The greatest evil in this society is the notion of individualism. There is no individual, and there are no differences between any of us. And yet, perceived difference between peoples drives endless conflict and leads to a misery and hopelessness from which there is no visible escape. It has been acknowledged down the ages that upon staring into the eyes of a neighbour, you are in fact staring into your own soul, for all humans are one and the same. Our minor differences, mostly products of perception and distortion of the mind, are outweighed on a scale so vast by our common elements that concentration on our differences defies logical thought. But we find ourselves obsessed by these perceived differences. It is the chief motivating factor in our society, and its end expression is the practice of self-seeking which the species is now engaged in. Self-seeking is an unnecessary evil. Despite this, it is held in the highest possible regard.

It is seen as a triumph of our free society that an individual can cast aside the needs of his neighbours to achieve his own ends, at the expense of the very people he seeks to distance himself from, achieve status over and divert wealth away from.

The manufacturers and their masters; those in complete control, as they always have been, of the means of production, flood the market with identical contraptions all slightly different in insignificant ways. It is sheer madness. It is not efficient. It is to confuse and inspire individualism. For this reason a walk along any 21st century highway reveals a thousand cars powered by different means, using different engines, powered by a myriad of technologies, very old and very new, and parts unique in every single way, when the end result is identical: the conveyance is used in a cycle. All for the sake of perceived individuality do endless combinations of options, colours, styles, manufacturers, trims, engines, fuels exist.

Capitalism is the most barbaric of all religions
Department stores are our new cathedrals
Our cars are martyrs to the cause

Human spirit squandered in anxiety

Many people spend a large proportion of their lives in intense worry and anxiety regarding personal income. Human society today is disunited and obsessed with the acquisition of money and material possessions. In this free society, nothing is free. Everything must be purchased using money, and everyone must labour to gain money. The process of earning money is an exercise in humiliation which soaks up most people's lives. Even basic necessities are not free in this free society. Food, clothing and shelter are sold in the same manner as the most obscene luxury goods. In order to survive, we must abide by the laws and conventions placed above us. We must agree to work, to create wealth for other people. This wealth is then passed through countless middlemen before it is redistributed to us in the form of wages. With these wages, further middlemen are employed to furnish us with what we think we require, and our thinking is subliminally manipulated by the producers of the goods. This is called commercial advertising. The entire process, known as the economy, is now taking place on such a grand scale that it is threatening not only the survival of many species, including our own, but the wellbeing of the planet itself.

Associate and Corporation: fighting for the Crown

...or how they learned to live the lie

A store, all red with green triangles, contained goods manufactured in countries many thousands of miles away, by people paid a wage by their employer. These people travelled to work, perhaps in a personal conveyance, on a bus, or by foot, and there they produced a product. This product they did not own. The value of this end product had no bearing on their wage. Its value was determined by other people, and the wealth this product created was concentrated in the hands of the people determining its value. These people then paid a small proportion of that wealth to the workers who created it, and sold this product to some different people, pocketing the difference without any obligation to share the wealth with their brothers or fellow producers. This product was then transported by container ship or aeroplane across the vast expanse of oceans that cover most of the planet to be placed in a warehouse.

Without any idea what demand existed for this product it was then transported again by more people, who in turn were paid a fraction of the wealth they were helping to deliver, to another location. Here it was sorted and stored in a retail environment and given a price, this time determined by the current owner. Other people then travelled to this final destination in their own conveyances to purchase this product at a heavily subsidized price when one considers the human energy and fuel expended, and pollution caused in creating, transporting and storing it. This price was paid directly to the current owner of the product who then paid a nominal fee to the makers and enforcers of the laws. These law makers, an entity known as the government, guarded, with dark uniforms and firearms, every stage of the practice. With this acquired wealth the owner decided, based purely on his own profit motive, how much to distribute to the workers directly in his employ.

In the interest of self-seeking, he will naturally keep this wage at the lowest possible level before starvation and deprivation set in.

Minimizing the distribution of his acquired wealth is known as acceptable business practice. It is not seen as absurd that the price in the local currency of this product is much higher than it would be should it be sold in its country of manufacture. Nor is it seen as odd that the wage of the worker producing the product is far less, especially when taking into account his own local currency, than the workers who merely sell it or transport it.

Currencies are merely different values placed upon money to further concentrate the wealth in fewer hands by virtue of confusion, conversion fees and increased numbers of transactions.

Nine out of every ten such products, known as consumer goods, are discarded within one year, often to be transported again to a collection point and stored within the earth. This whole process, which is essentially what makes up the economy, involves many middlemen who all conspire to take a share of the wealth and indeed to maximise the share they take whilst seeking to minimize the share everyone else takes. Little regard is given to the environment whether this product is harmful or not, or whether the species needs this product, or whether the resources can be better deployed elsewhere (a cognizant point when one considers the deprivation most of the planet currently lives in) or whether anyone will even want to buy the product.

Every single transaction, and there are many, in the life cycle of the product is recorded and measured and assigned a value. These values are then added up each year and given the title gross domestic product and it is with reference to this value that all decisions on the planet are made. If this value is seen to drop, intense measures are taken to further distribute the wealth into the hands of the producers, via subsidies and incentives, so that they will increase their output by buying yet more raw materials, producing more products and employing yet more people, so more warehouses can be built, more container ships launched and more waste created. This cycle continues at an increasing pace every year, and the economy is now worshipped as the guardian of the wellbeing of the people. Governments seeks to appease the economy and make it grow, whilst the basic needs and spiritual aspirations of the people they have power over are considered of secondary importance.

We are all prostitutes

A recession for every decade

...growth as a manipulation of numbers

Recessions take place every ten years. Sometimes there are two in one decade, sometimes only one across two decades. By the 21st century, the pattern, which usually puts millions of people out of work, was established. Without a wage, they suffered a deprivation which is known as relative poverty. Relative poverty is different from absolute poverty. In so-called advanced industrialised nations, such is the excess of wealth collected by the central government that it can be doled out to people without the means to support themselves. This is known as a welfare state, and exists solely to prevent the government falling from power.

Every ten years there is a recession, during which people lose jobs and acquired wealth, usually in the form of money they have invested in banks or material possessions they are no longer purchasing at the same rate. During a recession, expenditure on the poorest people decreases, tax on the working people increases and subsidy to the holders of the wealth increases. It is by the practice of recession that roughly every ten years wealth is further concentrated and centralised. By practice of recession, the once proud landowners of the new United States of America were, within a couple hundred years, reduced to mere tenants as all land and wealth was slowly, but surely, concentrated in the hands of the bankers, business owners, governments and corporations: all one and the same, all enemies of the wellbeing of the people and all the confirmed champions in the art of self-seeking.

Constant recession and growth, the so-called business cycle, the boom-and-bust phenomenon: these are one and the same, and are not random events. Capitalism is an unsafe and unfair way of managing, distributing and employing capital. There exists no security in volatile capital: any investment an individual may make is subject to the whims of higher authority: a simple retraction in the money supply within a ten year period, as history as shown us, is enough to shave at least a couple of per cent from any modern economy. It is no wonder, with such regular lack of confidence in the business environment, that business owners constantly seek to maximize their share. They seek only to protect their own capital, not the people they have power of life and death over. If you acknowledge that you need bread to survive, and wages to buy the bread, and labour to gain the wages, then your labour master is in fact your God, your Guardian, your higher being: he is in charge of your life. Without his good will and generosity, you may starve. Does he hold your interests and that of all his brothers close to his heart? Invariably not. He views his employees the same way he views the machinery used to transport his products: a mere component in the wealth-generating machine, to be maintained on minimum rations and dispensed with once obsolete.

Despite near constant recession and so-called hardship, despite maximum profits across the largest corporations, we are expected to believe it is a random phenomenon. Perhaps the number is random; the absolute numbers and percentages are largely irrelevant, merely symbolism. The fact remains that, ever since industrialisation and this disease of consumer fascism spread from the United Kingdom to the rest of the world, recessions and depressions have taken place regularly. The governments, generation after generation, are just as clueless as the people and only reinforce the mistakes of the business owners by applying yet more capital to their damaging deeds. Business is the be all and end all of human achievement, and nothing is prized more than the successful acquisition of wealth. This phenomenon is now so widespread that even natural selection is affected: mates are chosen for a whole host of reasons before sexual and romantic attraction even enters the equation. Children are born into unnatural and unhappy partnerships and suffer hardships as a result, themselves repeating the process. Populations are constantly growing because governments increase their stock and businesses increase their market potential. No thought is given to future food and shelter requirements. These are dealt with in an ad hoc nature, usually after the problem has existed for a while. Only in the face of violent protest do governments motivate themselves to take half-hearted measures, and will use every means of distraction, usually fear-based media, to divert attention away from the problems to save the expense.

Our children shall rise up against us
Because we are the ones to blame

The betrayal of English Socialism

Following the second world war, it was noted that it was possible for a country to unite all the production and wealth of the nation toward a common goal: that of creating armaments and defeating the Axis powers. If this was possible, surely the goal could be changed to something more productive and beneficial to humanity. The welfare state was born. All major industry became the property of the people. The goal of government was to look after its population from "cradle to grave" and seek to provide full employment, whilst destroying disease, squalor, poverty and ignorance. In the decades following the second world war, prosperity in the United Kingdom steadily increased and unemployment remained very low. It was Margaret Thatcher who sought to destroy this system by selling off the nation's industries, removing restrictions placed on private trading and reducing the expenditure on the welfare state, while at the same time increasing the size of the bureaucratic government and its "defence" budget - a curious oxymoron in place only because a governmental "Ministry of Aggression" would arouse suspicion. This betrayal of the British people is still hailed as glorious achievement, for one reason alone: GDP now began to grow at the same rate as other European powers, whereas in the 1950s and 1960s it had lagged behind despite remaining constant. In the two decades following the 1980s, child poverty and unemployment have returned to former levels and the country is faced with the largest burden of debt in its history. It is therefore obvious, even to a humble person like myself, that the highest political offices are invariably occupied by people of evil or plain stupid dispositions. I do not need to mention the years of 2000-2008 in the United States, for I hope in the future the complete absence of intelligence in that particular leader will have been securely concreted in posterity.

Starvation makes anarchists of us all

What we have in place is in fact complete chaos. The strongest gang with the most soldiers and the most guns and the most influence and the most wealth currently runs the country, and similar gangs, often in bed with one another, run all countries. All countries are merely disorganized corporations. They call themselves the government and they tell the people that there is order, but they actually have no control. Without the people, they are nothing, for they are made up of the people. The tragedy is the perceived separation, the capital cities that merely concentrate wealth and power, the infrastructure that ties them together, the illusion that they are a force of destiny charged with protecting and shaping the nation. Nothing is further from the truth. These self-appointed leaders manipulate the people year after year, and make this task easier by further restricting the thought process each successive generation until people genuinely and firmly believe in the party, the people or the symbol they are voting for, and believe the promises which are never fulfilled. Centralised education, which is a legal requirement, teaches each generation what to think, not how to think. The ruling party, using mandatory education, can pass off their own history and ideas as Truth, and failure to comprehend or agree with this Truth leads to failure and a handicap later on in life which is hard to shake off. These governments are just as guilty of self-seeking and pursuing their own ends, which they fund through direct and indirect taxation.

Wages eroded: the weathering effect of constant taxation

Direct taxation on income, where the government passes laws which make it legal in their own eyes only to take from the working man a percentage of his wage, is relatively new. It was first introduced to finance war with Republican France and once peace resumed it continued, although it is easy to argue that humanity is in fact fighting a constant war, since there is always war taking place on the planet, and we are all one species involved in the exact same struggle for survival. Indirect taxes are much higher. Most purchased products are taxed. In effect, the wage leftover after direct taxation is then taxed numerous times. By travelling to the retail store in a personal conveyance, the consumer must pay an insurance tax, a road tax, a fuel tax, and a parking tax, not to mention the tax and levies placed on the vehicle he is brought up aspiring to own. This is before sales tax. Once the product is purchased, further taxes dictate how it can be disposed of and stored or powered, since energy is also the preserve of the business owner and must be purchased and then also taxed. Any remaining wealth may be stored in a bank, but is again subject to fees, despite the fact that the bank uses the fraudulent process of fractional reserve banking to create further wealth from this money, without payment to the person who deposits the wealth. Governments also take more tax than they should, and gain interest on this wealth before returning it a year later, only if complex forms are filed providing information they already know. The wealth acquired from direct and indirect taxation is then spent on whatever the government deems necessary, although large proportions are spent on weaponry and means of killing other people. Yes, the wealth you create during your daily labour is deployed to end the lives of your brothers: this is fact, and you need to wake up to this. In effect, this makes every taxpayer party to murder, but indeed murder in the name of your government is rewarded and the burden of guilt is taken away. There is no escape from this system, for governments of varying levels of corruption preside over every patch of land on the planet and guard their right to tax and govern with the use of Force.

All Profit is Theft.

The tragedy of this situation is that it is so easily avoided. The holders of the lion's share of the wealth are blissfully unaware that their prosperity is directly related to the prosperity of all. Humans acknowledge the advantage of uniformity in the manufacturing process. Specialisation of tasks, economies of scale, standardisation of tooling, centralisation of distribution: all are pursued. Yet when it comes to the organisation of mankind, the distribution of capital and the building of the consumer economy, the opposite is the case. It is a vast and inefficient machine. Men are cast aside to live and survive alone, and the only interference from the government is in the form of taxation, oppressive laws and misguided public expenditure. The only way the species can survive and indeed thrive is to work and exist in total harmony, in unity, as an organised mass, as one being. That means every single person on the planet. Every single person regarded as the same entity, and provided with all necessities of life on one condition: that he or she is a human being, and being part of human society has just as much right as the next person to food, clothing, shelter, intelligent loving parents, fulfilling education and employment in their most suitable field. The fact that the weak and feeble, the starving, the mentally handicapped, the physically disabled, the lazy and weary of mind, are cast aside with minimal support to fend for themselves, is the most damning indictment of the present system. If we really must have a centralised state, then it must be organised with only one goal in mind: the wellbeing of the people that make up the society. All wealth should be placed in public hands, so that each person is working not only for himself, but his neighbour, his species, his brother, his family: all are working for one and one is working for all.

We are the ones to blame
They will give us a new name
We shall be