Sharoma World of Warships: Legends

World of Warships: Legends

Here we go then, another attempt to guide players with what I have learned playing this fine game on PS4Pro. I won't tell you how to steer your ship, aim your guns or use the HUD. This is simply my own mental checklist before I enter any Standard Battle game in World of Warships Legends. I play with the default control set.


  1. Full speed ahead. Spot the enemy.
  2. Am I being supported?
    • Yes: Head for the Cap, throw out torpedoes, engine boost on.
    • No: Withdraw unless it is safe.
  3. Did you capture the zone?
    • Yes: Defend it, use smokescreen to hide and conceal friendly support.
    • No: Regroup. Harass enemy Cap with torpedoes.
  4. Engage and destroy enemy destroyers.
  5. Keep spotting for your team. Are friendly battleships blind?
  6. Engage and destroy enemy cruisers.
  7. Engage and destroy enemy battleships.


  1. Am I being supported?
    • Yes: Pick optimum direction and target, fire broadside before turning away fast, armour angled against return fire.
    • No: Align ship away from enemy, cautiously close battle lines, scout for exposed BBs. Try and regroup team.
  2. Lure out enemy ships by engaging and withdrawing. Never expose your broadside to the enemy!
  3. Hunt and destroy enemy destroyers.
  4. Defend Caps.
  5. Hunt and destroy enemy cruisers.
  6. Engage battleships.


  1. Am I being supported?
    • Yes: Support them back! Advance.
    • No: Set course away from enemy toward friendly destroyers or cruisers.
  2. Maintain battlelines, don't stray out of position early on.
  3. Pick targets: DDs, Cruisers then BBs. DD is priority!
  4. Absorb fire for your weaker teammates, but only if you are supported.
  5. Lead final charge, hunt lone hiding destroyers with secondaries.
  6. Close on the enemy. Don't be a coward!

Last updated: January 1st, 2021.