Sharoma Frontierverse Guides Starting off

Starting off

There are just three places to choose from when it comes to starting a new game. The best of these (where best really means easiest) is Sol, even though the recommended start place is Ross 154. Veterans of the original Elite will probably always start off in Lave. Here are some tips on getting started, where ever you choose to begin your new Frontier life.

Where to begin?

Ross 154 System

Ross 154

'Fomalhaut needs to farm'

At Ross 154, you should check the bulletin board, because there will be two tasks to Fomalhaut-- one military mission and one delivery mission. Accept them both and you can probably get away with asking for half the money in advance from the civilian. Now, go to the shipyard in the Sirocco Starport and sell your missiles. Buy one extra tonne of hydrogen fuel and four tonnes of farm machinery on the stockmarket and then head out to the Lacaille 8760 system (which has no ports). Once there jump straight into Fomalhaut (which couldn't be done in one jump and is why the extra fuel was needed). Check the bulletin board for a good deal, but failing that just buy two tonnes of fuel plus some liquor and fruit & veg, after selling your farm machinery. Return to Ross 154, again via Lacaille 8760, and sell up. You are now a Private with enough cash to begin the very profitable Sol-Barnards run. (See Trading page.)

Mars in the Sol System


'Say "Hello" to Fletcher'

The first thing to do at Olympus Village is to sell your 1MW Beam Laser (even though it is a handy weapon), missiles and interplanetary drive. Now you will be able to afford a Class 1 Hyperdrive and the all-important auto-pilot. Now check the bulletin board and check the advert which is looking for information on Sean Singh. Answer "Sean Singh has an ad on this bulletin board" (he has-- he's the one looking for passage for two to Lalande 21185). You should also find a package going to Ross 128; take this, and ask for the permit. Starting off with a trip to Ross 128 is not as profitable as going to Barnard's Star, but you get your permit early, and that can be useful if you want a military career because there are often military messages for Ross 128. Once back in Sol, begin the Sol-Barnards run.

Lave System


'Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!'

Lave is perhaps the hardest place to start short-term but if you can survive long enough you'll soon start seeing the benefits. Straight off, sell your Cobra Mk. III and buy a Viper Defence Craft, a 1MW Beam Laser and a cargo bay life support (also buy the other 'essentials' such as fuel and autopilot). Now, you already have 70,000 credit fines with both the Empire and Federation for reasons unknown so breaking the law again won't make much difference. Fill up with slaves and before heading off to Leesti check the BBS-- there should usually be adverts with people wanting packages etc taking there. You will encounter lots of pirates doing this Lave-Leesti trade run but it will make lots of money and get your combat rating up straight away.