Sharoma Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson

A low-fi video of Sick Trip playing on my old stereo.

"I wanna make you my Chromium Bitch."

A note from the man himself:

Hello Robin.
Good hearing from you. As far as having the original 1977 pressing I only have one copy of this. Sometimes the original "YTYRKM" can be bought on Ebay. I should probably bid on a Ebay copy myself. Right now someone is selling the re issue on Ebay (type Gary Wilson into the Ebay search engine). Also there is a CD version on Michael Wolk's Gary Wilson documentary.
When I recorded YTYRKM I used a Fender Rhodes, a Farfisa combo compact (which I still have) and an Arp and Roland synthesizer (also a guitar, electric bass and drum set). The Farfisa Combo Compact organ has a reverb spring under the organ. When you strike and shake the reverb spring it creates a 'gurgling' , exploding sound. This was put through a phaser.
Hope to come to Victoria sometimes soon. I performed in Montreal (Pop Montreal) a few years ago. Will talk to you soon. Stay in touch.