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This is my humble dedication to the Sony MiniDisc audio format (1992-2006). Here you will find information on how to hack the R700 and N510 portable recorders, and a review on the Onkyo 105FX HiMD deck. If you have any problems with your MiniDisc unit, I suggest you check out the links listed below. If you would like to contact me, feel free: e-mail or g-mail.


Feel free to browse my directories of MiniDisc related pictures.

PC Link

Between 2002 and 2004 I used a PC link to make MiniDisc mixes. Here are some pictures of it in operation:

  1. Sony CMT-M100MD playing a Joy Division (LP2) compilation.
  2. Sony PCLK-MN10 USB link.
  3. An LP2 Cure compilation (which lacks Pornography!).
  4. An LP2 Damned compilation (and Trillian Pro in use).
  5. Titling a post-punk MiniDisc.
  6. Selecting recording (input) options. Note how cassette tape (since the M100D had one) is an option.
  7. Another editing shot.


Video audio is mono unless otherwise stated. If you like what you hear, source a proper stereo copy through official channels.

  1. Mazda 929 Cruising (featuring Sony WX-5500MDX in car MiniDisc deck)
  2. MiniDisc Musings, Part I
  3. MiniDisc Musings, Part II
  4. MiniDisc Musings, Part III
  5. MiniDisc Musings, Part VI
  6. Making of 'Cabaret Voltaire: 1985 Output' MiniDisc
  7. Cabaret Voltaire's Ghostalk: Excerpt from 'Stereo System I'
  8. Excerpt from 'Stereo System II'
  9. Excerpt from 'Stereo System III'
  10. Minny Pops - A Feeling / Tracking
  11. Baby Dayliner - Madeline / Beat Downs [deleted]
  12. Gary Wilson - Sick Trip

Other media resources

Here are some other MiniDisc websites: