Sharoma The Collapsing State Of Affairs

The Collapsing State Of Affairs


An experiment in Hauntology, Noise music and one of the very first Vaporwave albums. Simulating the isolation of a post-apocalyptic environment, no mains power was utilised during the recording stage.

Wind-up LED lamp; wind-up radio unit; various battery-powered cameras and portable MiniDisc recorders.

Track listing

  1. Austins With Elegant Trapezoid Halogen Headlamps
  2. J's Snowy Noise Pattern
  3. MD Lorry Noise
  4. Decline Of Taurus
  5. I Dream Of An Industrial Wasteland

Total running time: 33 minutes

Download in .mp3 or FLAC and check out the videos. Or buy it on Bandcamp!


Recording information

Each track was recorded live on a separate day from a minimum of three input sources. Lighting was either by candle or a wind-up LED lamp (as seen in Track #1); Non-musical audio sources were captured from the Kaito wind-up unit; All audio was recorded initially on MiniDisc, both in original ATRAC and finally LinearPCM, using AA batteries, with the exception of audio captured live on camera. Recorded late 2010 and released early 2011.

Listening style

An OOPS System is highly recommended!