Sharoma The Collapsing State Of Affairs

The Collapsing State Of Affairs

Noise Music Experiment

R-XIII (R-13 Android Device) isolated, NO mains power / modest inclination.

Only fruits borne of the immediate vicinity.

Wind-up LED lamp; wind-up radio unit; various battery-powered cameras and portable MiniDisc recorders.

Track listing

  1. Austins With Elegant Trapezoid Halogen Headlamps
  2. J's Snowy Noise Pattern
  3. MD Lorry Noise
  4. Decline Of Taurus
  5. I Dream Of An Industrial Wasteland

Total running time: 33 minutes

Download in .mp3 or FLAC and check out the videos.


Recording information

Each track was recorded live on a separate day from a minimum of three input sources. Lighting was either by candle or a wind-up LED lamp (as seen in Track #1); Non-musical audio sources were captured from the Kaito wind-up unit; All audio was recorded initially on MiniDisc, both in original ATRAC and finally LinearPCM, using AA batteries, with the exception of audio captured live on camera. Samples are from far-ranging sources, but reflect my life in recent months.

Listening style

An OOPS System is highly recommended!