Sharoma An e-mail from Dave Formula

An e-mail from Dave Formula

Dave Formula was the keyboardist for post-punk band Magazine.

Hello Robin
I'm the keyboard player from Magazine & came across your site by chance.
I was fascinated to see the amount of rare & obscure recordings you have listed. Whilst I note that you are not currently trading, it would be fantastic to be able to hear some of those shows ws played, particularly :-
Hurrah's Club, New York City (02/08/1979) and 'Chorus', French TV '78
Club 57, New York City (08/08/1980)
Metropol, Berlin (30/10/1980)
Family Hotel, Sydney (20/09/1980)
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes
Dave Formula

Hi Dave,
It's certainly an honour to hear from you. Visage's first two albums, and of course Magazine's material, are big faves of mine. I haven't traded for a few years but am always willing to send out material. The Magazine bootlegs I have are all actually excellent sound quality and are a great listen. Where are you located? I am originally from the Manchester area but emigrated to Canada three years ago.

Hello Robin
Good to hear back from you.
So you are originally from Manchester, like me. Where in Canada are you living?
I moved to London with the rest of Magazine in 1979 & then moved to Lincolnshire in the mid nineties.
I'm in London a fair amount, recording & playing & I'm currently close to finishing my own album, It's been quite an experience all round.
All Magazine members are on the record, inc John McGeoch - I found some undiscovered guitar & voice of his which I have used to create a track. Really quite moving to listen to. Howard has recorded a great track & Barry & John played some excellent bass & drums. And that's only part of it....more on
I would be extremely grateful if you could find time to send me copies of the cds you mentioned on your site, particularly the ones I listed in my last email.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes

Hi Dave,
Yeah, Manchester area until 2005. I now live in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. I always thought it was strange that Howard Devoto works a "normal" job. How well does Magazine material sell these days? I didn't investigate the remasters to be honest. I assume they're just louder versions of the originals.
If you have any anecdotes about those days, or the recording process in particular, it'd be great to hear. Like, how long it took to record the albums, or how much time was spent in production. Each one has a pretty different sound.
I'll try and get the CDs sent out as soon as possible. Hopefully sometime during the week. A few years back the bass player from The Wake e-mailed me, and before that one of the guitarists from the short-lived second Clash line-up asked for some copies of bootlegs. I always assumed band members would be the first people to have this material. It may surprise you to know that I was born two years after Magazine split up.
I'll check out your new album. It probably won't be distributed over here I assume?, but I'm back in the UK for a visit in July. I haven't bought a CD for months, which is most unlike me.
Oh, in 2005 I saw Steve Strange and his "new" Visage line up. It was pretty bad. I'm sure they were playing the CD in the background, and one of the so-called new tracks was a complete rip-off an Ultravox song, Mr. X. Of course, my age prevented me from seeing all of my favourite bands in their prime.

Hello Robin
Played in Vancouver a couple of summers ago. Had a good time. Always enjoyed playing there with Magazine, before you were born of course!
Magazine never sold huge amounts, although today it would be considered very healthy sales I expect. The re-masters were nicely done with extra b sides etc added. Probably sold a few thousand. We get a lot of big, established & new bands going on about 'how much of an influence we were' however that never tranlates into an earn for us. One day perhaps.
Look forward to receiving the CDs & I will get back to you soon with some of that info on the Magazine recording sessions you mentioned.

Yeah, I know about the influences thing. Must be pretty annoying, although it must lead a slight surge in awareness. Apparently Graham Fellows lives in Louth too. Ever see him?
I posted the CDs today, so let me know when they arrive and what you think of them. They should definitely be there within two weeks.

Great, thanks for that.
Yes Graham Fellows; he was living here until recently ...still visits to see his kids. Known Graham from Didsbury days circa 1978. I was sharing a flat with Martin Hannett & they were recording the infamous, yet slightly annoying 'Jilted John' single.

Hello Robin
CDs arrived safely. I very much appreciate the time & trouble you have taken to get them over to me.
I've enjoyed listening to them & being reminded of some of the songs that I'd forgotten we played live: The Hurrah gig probably being my favourite, on just atmosphere alone.
Again, thanks for your generosity.
Best wishes