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This is my Thompson Twins site, which contains a collection of discography pages. Everything from official album releases, bootlegs, DVDs and videos, to custom compilations with rarities & remixes, and live recordings. Details on some of the many dubious Thompson Twins compilations are also included, as well as information on the two Babble albums. This site is not written as a replacement for some of the more excellent ones that have passed into history, such as the 'Unofficial page' by Blake Bell or the wonderfully aesthetic Passion Planet site (links to these can be found below). If you would like to contact me, feel free:



In 2022 Sharoma began its Cassection series of mixtapes. A special Thompson Twins & Babble cassette was issued with the intention of highlighting the songs that are not part of their predictable '80s milieu. A TT 'Best Of' that does not contain much from their three most popular albums, but instead has as its focus their early post-punk and later ambient material.

Torrent Mistakes

Here is a list of the errors present in the Thompson Twins Discography torrent:

  1. Lucky Days should not be present. Most tracks are sourced from lossy files.
  2. In The Name Of Love compilation is fan-made, again from mixed and possibly lossy sources.
  3. Mono mixes in the QSASK collection are not authentic originals and are instead just left-channel downmixes of the K2 tracks.
  4. Drop outs present on the 2003 Greatest Hits compilation (likely on all versions of this).

Thank you to David F. and Mike B. for pointing out these errors.

CD competition

In 2005 I gave away a copy of 'Queer' on CD (well done to Daniel). This year I am offering up my copy of the 2004 reissue of 'Quick Step & Side Kick'. All you have to do is spot a spelling mistake on the site. There's one in an image I am particularly thinking of. Once you get the answer, send along your address and you'll get a free CD!

January 2015 Update: the 2004 reissue CD of 'Quick Step & Side Kick' has been claimed, after nine years! Well done to Jon.

Edsel Reissues a con?

I've heard word that none of the master tapes were used for the recent reissues. A lot of fans seem to already be of this opinion. Apparently the reissue saga gets worse: Edsel apparently just copied high bitrate mp3 files from a Russian download site. The tracklistings and an analysis of the sound seem to confirm this. I always thought they stole elements of the tracklistings from my site, but gave them the benefit of the doubt.


Into The Gap's problematic disc two has been officially replaced. If you have a version with poor sound quality, Edsel Records will mail you a replacement disc for free. Just get in contact with them.

Reissues of A Product Of/Set, Quick Step & Side Kick, Into The Gap and Here's To Future Days complete with the extended remixes found on the original cassettes and (almost) all the related bonus tracks were released in 2008.

MD compilations

MiniDiscs: 01 02 03 04 05

Family Guy

Despite their slide into pop music obscurity, they crop up in modern culture quite a bit. Mostly as a joke. An example is this still from season three of Family Guy: 'Thompson Twins Rule'.

Into the web

Mailing lists & groups

There are two active Thompson Twins and Babble groups: 'Big Trash' and 'Love on your Side'.

Other web sites

Sadly the online presence of the 'Twins and Babble is sorely lacking. However, in bygone days there were a handful of excellent sites. These, along with archived versions, are listed below:

Last updated: October 31st, 2022.